about courami

The name "Courami" is rooted in courage, and the phi symbol in the logo speaks to natural beauty and wisdom.

Courami was established in Colorado by Dr Amy Lichon in 2021. Amy’s experiences as a physician and champion triathlete inspired her to create personal care products that supplement the body’s natural chemistry. Research suggests chemical-laden brands popular with today’s consumers may actually change our microbiome and alter our physiological state.

Dr Amy believes that synthetic chemicals block our natural capabilities, causing harm and inhibiting our most powerful selves.

founder's note

from dr amy lichon

As a champion triathlete and a physician, I believe personal care products should be free of synthetic ingredients, perform under pressure, and elevate our bodies' natural chemistry. No such brand existed, until now. I'm confident you, too, have found what you've been seeking, and that Courami will become part of your personal care routine.

all natural performance

Courami creates organic personal care products for health conscious people who are wild about strengthening their body’s natural powers.

Your physical body reflects your inner state, and your microbiome is your physiological voice. When we tune into the feedback our bodies provide, we become more aware of our mental and emotional conditions, and can act upon those indicators to improve our routines.

Many personal care products bury messages from our bodies in chemicals and synthetic scents. Courami takes a more intuitive approach, blending essential natural ingredients that work with your body. Start each day with the confidence to deliver and the courage to grab ahold of life’s opportunities.